Change of course to outsource

Well, this is our trip, and we sure as anything were going to plan it.  We’d have the flights booked after getting blurry eyed searching for the best deal.  We could use google translate to understand how to catch the regional trains in Spain.  We knew there was a ferry from Italy to Croatia.  We had it in our minds to get ourselves to a cycling trip commencing October 10, and to London for an October 23 Rugby World Cup semifinal match.  We signed up for frequent flier cards.  Heck, we even sat down with a map of Europe and pencil lined suggested routes.  But somewhere in the midst of all this, we got caught in overwhelm. Thwarted by inexperience.  Burned out by possibilities and options.  Exhausted by confusion.

So when my aunty Karen (an expert on organising nearly everything) out of the blue was discussing a great travel broker/agent, I gobbled my slice of humble pie and jumped at the chance.  We’ve had a change of course to outsource.  Hello, Debbie Bradford of NZ Travel Brokers.  We only yesterday gave her our rough draft and will today hear back about her suggestions and taking things from here.  At this rate, we might just make it to Europe!


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