We’re on a roll

Hey hey,

We’ve turned a corner and gaining momentum.  We’re on a roll.  It feels good!  Exciting!  Joyous!  I am filled with glee that we’ve enlisted the help of an expert to assist us with planning the grand tour.

A beep on my phone this morning and I quickly opened the email from Debbie Bradford from NZ Travel Brokers (see Change of Course to Outsource), who writes:

I have given lots of thought to you’re a-mazing trip ahead and this is my initial thoughts.

Fly to Amsterdam from NZ and start there …Then travel through the Netherlands ( Holland) and into Belgium then down into Paris and continue down through the middle of France onto Spain.  Go through Barcelona and head right through Madrid and over to Oporto in Portugal, down through Portugal and end up down the South up the other side and to the French Riviera before heading through Switzerland to Germany across to Czech Republic, Austria down to Venice and then to Slovenia to head down the Adriatic Coast ( Croatia) and onto Albania to Athens, Greek Islands and back to Italy to meet Mum and continue in Italy until the World Cup and finish in the UK.   VOILA !!!!

Now if that sounds too busy then can you let me know what is on your bucket list and we will just cover those countries. Sometimes when you are on a time restraint it is better to do a casual tour to give you the opportunity to see Europe for the first time and then pluck out the places you wish to spend more time in at a later date.  Winging Europe can create a lot of wasted time due to relying on trains, buses and finding your accommodation so another thought is this…

Does a camping Contiki of Europe covering 20 countries at NZ$105.00 per person per day appeal…It is a cheap way of getting around Europe as your accommodation, transport, 45 breakfasts and 29 dinners are covered.  If it does appeal there is a tour leaving London or Paris on the 16th august and finishes in Paris on the 5th October so what I would recommend before the tour is Spain and Portugal and after the tour fly to Turkey and spend time there and the Greek Islands before meeting Mum in Italy and stay in Italy until the World Cup.

For first thoughts, these are awesome!  I’m thinking the first option will likely be us (My sister a few years ago did the Contiki at 21 and said it was an incredible way to see so many countries stress-free but that it was a long trip and she was on the older side of travellers.  I like the thought of a pre-organised tour and meals included, but shy away from being the 26 year old camp nana!  Perhaps a self-guided approach it will be).

It feels outstanding to be moving forward with plans.  Already, a thousand thanks to Debbie for her assistance and insights.


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