Analysis paralysis

I was the kid in class who would become transfixed by the team skipping rope going round and round.  The rest of the students having already joined the synchronised jumping conga line.  Teachers getting sore arms as they encouraged me to run in.  Now?  No.  Now?  Not yettttt.  Next swing.  Nope, the next one.

To this day, I still get caught in thought.  Overcome with analysis paralysis.  I spend an age researching, chatting with others, weighing up options, then giving up.  And because wavering is so draining on time and energy, before I know it I’ve tuned into Ex on the Beach with a sake in hand,and, ta-daaaa, the decision making is put off for another night.

With this upcoming trip, and so many choices to make, I’m consciously trying something different.  I’ll do reasonable checks and balances and then step forward. Pick and go, and don’t look back.


2 thoughts on “Analysis paralysis

  1. its all looking very positive for you both from this end…:) Look up world heritage sites? see where they are as they are pretty special spots and you could incorporate a couple of those as you travel… just an idea


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