Carry on only

We are doing this trip throw it over the shoulder, overhead locker style.  Inspired by the article ‘How to Pack for a Year of Travel in One Carry-On’, surely we can do four months of the same.  With planes and trains (also now, probably, armpit stains) it struck us convenient to go Happy Wanderer and carry on only.

Which brings me to…the great bag debate.  Yes, folks, there are thousands out there and as many opinions as bags.  After much research and many weeks, I narrowed it down to the Minaal, Tortuga and Osprey Farpoint 40 for their size and clam shell opening.  Which emerged victorious?  Though the market’s relative newcomers Minaal and Tortuga are well built and aesthetically beautiful, the value and availability of the Osprey Farpoint 40 won out.


I managed to purchase two Osprey’s from Surfdome for GBP63.99 each with a discount code and free international shipping to boot.  We got the M/L size in Charcoal (modelled above – don’t be deceived it only weighs 1.24kg) and Lagoon Blue.  Thankfully Maia noticed my well-concealed disappointment with my marine tonal choice and offered to swap “because it would match your colour scheme more”.  Sweet, generous man!  We also got some Eagle Creek Compression Cubes, which I’ve read are THE BEST and amazing for keeping your bag organised and toiiiiit.

Now, onto the packing list.  Currently, there’s a fair bit of cross over between my definitions of wants and needs (ahh, mini hair straightener) but I’m trying to find the balance and heed the minimalist call.  I’ll keep you posted.

(P.S. If you too are having the carry on debate I recommend blogs such as Never Ending Voyage, The Yoga Nomads, Travel With This, Life to My Fullest, Her Packing List, The Savvy Backpacker, Tropical MBA and Lengthy Travel for their reviews and comparisons).


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