It’s the five day countdown 

Final itinerary is in! And that’s about the only thing packed and ready to go! We’re in the busy haze of finishing up jobs, cleaning fly poo off ceilings, stocking up on dog food, last second dental visits and all those other things that take you up to the eleventh hour.

These focuses have been awesome as it’s meant channelling nervous energy into productive activities. I’ve been surprised how much I can accomplish in a day. But it seems hands on is the only context in which this applies – in all other situations I’ve developed travel brain.

Not solely for the pregnant mamas, people about to leave on extended trips also seem particularly susceptible to emotions and forgetfulness. Missing seems to be the common theme – missing Jinn before we even leave and missing scheduled appointments because the brain is MIA…elsewhere, already checked in to the Hotel California.

So here we are…five days to go.

And here’s an insight of how things are looking at our place in the lead up (washing mountain not included).

Leaving cakes


The flu


Too many dog photos



One thought on “It’s the five day countdown 

  1. You will have soooo much fun… your feet will hardly touch the ground… enjoy and look forward to an aperitif in Rome


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