See you soons

Today marks my last at work and you can’t get much better send off than home-made macarons from beautiful people!

I’ve been hit by a solid flood of gratitude today – for everyone who has encouraged us, supported us, wished us well, and made things possible.

What follows reads like the acknowledgements part of a book, located rightfully so at the very beginning of the story to mark the immense contribution of individuals and collectives who made things happen.

To Tiffany for her late night baking (I know those delicacies are not easy to make!), Jack who shouted me a free coffee this morning, everyone around the office who has been crossing the days with me, and the wonderful organization who is signing me up permanently to start full time upon our return – thank you, thank you, thanks a million. I know Maia extends his deep thanks to his colleagues and school too.

Thanks to mum, dad and Karly for their unwavering backing and reassurance, Pai and Deb for taking our pup, Ori and Saul for the Italiano feast and festivities, Tash and Nev and everyone coming tonight for our send off, Rob for her beautiful travel gifts, the incredible Debbie Bradford for  her outstanding trip planning (she did it all!!), and the welshies we are soon to see.

We are so fortunate to have such awesome, loving, caring people in our lives. We will be grateful for each and every one of you until the sun rises in the west and sets in the east, the seas go dry and the mountains blow in the wind like leaves (George R R Martin, thank you too!).

Thanks Tiffany



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