I’m a fan of spray tan (Hawke’s Bay ed.) 

The ‘Welcome to Hawke’s Bay’ sign greeted us 8:30 Friday night following a dark and rainy drive from Auckland. Storm clouds retreated and smiling skies assumed centre stage, their abundant stars stretching far and wide overhead. The yellow hued lights of Napier blinked further down on the horizon. One of the best geographical whakatau mais I’ve experienced. It’s a special and unique place this region of New Zealand, yet reminds me of my beloved Christchurch in many ways too.

Perhaps one mistake was opting for the medium spray tan Friday morning. If you’re wanting the ‘just been to Rotorua mud bath experience’ look, then medium is the colour for you. Mum gasped when she saw me, and my aunt said all she could see is teeth. I fancied myself as more Armenian in appearance, but Maia wondered who the Maori in the driving seat was when I picked him up from school. Maybe a little overboard. I know pain is often required in the beauty regime and spray tans are no different. At the current rate of fade, I predict I’ll be looking ace by the time we arrive in LA Monday. Never mind the interim.

Here’s a few pics from our time in the Bay, I love this place.

Grocery shopping


With Gpa Jim


At the stockyards


Gma Loraine


We lost our car keys in the forest



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