The LAg

Hello there from LA! We made it!

Tears were shed at the departure gate, but thankfully dad brought on the LOLs when he asked if I was going to be on Tinder during the flight. Oh bless, you mean Kindle?

After a long ride through the night our eyes squinted at the bright sunshiny midday outside as window shades were raised for landing. It was so exciting to see a landscape so different from the air – all yellow, beige and hazy, which added to the feeling that we had arrived in a place so different to home.

We are in Venice for the night at a hostel right on the waterfront.  It’s a wonderfully eclectic place – beach town, meets carnival, meets Baywatch. The sun is so warm with a refreshing sea breeze blowing in, there is a chilled surf vibe, and the place is sticky sweet with weed (no doubt those last two are linked).

A perfect place to join the people and stall-filled boardwalk, grab a beer and bite, watch the roller skaters and bikes meander through, and check out the new Lords of Dogtown at the skatepark, ultra fits at Muscle Beach outdoor gym and mini tennis courts, and Santa Monica just a walk away. There is a crazy number of fast food establishments, tattoo joints, and tank top shops on repeat the length of the beach. My tan could be described as albino compared to some on show here, and there is many a Popeye to be witnessed (think arms!).

After a long day we hit the hay at 8 with alarm set in great anticipation of a full night’s sleep. After some solid REM, I stretched my arms and turned over to press the phone…midnight. Awake, bright eyed and pinching ourselves that we are in the U.S. of A – summertime in California.

Picture drop below.

Palms, palms, glorious palms


A vibrant place of all ages and stages


Great tuna ceviche tacos and happy hour here


No syringes mum, just golden sands (edited: I saw the beach sweepers in action this morning, I take it back)


Retro Venice


The other side of the Pacific – cold water


Ft. new sunglasses


Beer time


It aint a Bud, but its blimmin gorgeous





3 thoughts on “The LAg

  1. Hi Guys
    So awesome you have arrived safe and sound – LOVE Venice Beach such a cool place ..we stayed there too. Bloody interesting and could people watch for EVER. Love you lots and enjoy this special time together
    Sal and Eric xooxxo


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