Swiss bliss 


We were awake 30 hours yesterday, brains replaced with marshmallows after flying LA – London – Geneva. Transit was lovely (Heathrow terminal you get an A+) and London to Geneva was only a one hour flight made interesting with a cartoon family safety video. I didn’t even know we had landed which is proof how plum tuckered we were. 

Yesterday’s impressions of Geneva were that it is so lax – customs involved handing your passport over to collect a new stamp and you’re through! It was also very hot at 32 degrees. Sensational! Tired as anything, the stakes were high for finding the correct train to take us to the hostel. Thankfully this was easy enough and I’m pleased to report nil squabbles. A good team effort so far.

Today we have done some amazing walking in a city so conducive to getting around on foot. It’s a beautiful place with a river so pristine and blue it makes you want to grab a li-lo and float along yourself. There’s a definite French dominance, from street names, to cafes, to language. It’s also very tranquil, with a calm and classy energy. There’s shuttered windows, men in beige pants and linen shirts, established trees, decorative fountains dedicated to drinking water, and rainbow bursts of potted flowers. When will I wake up from this dream?

Looking forward to visiting the Red Cross and United Nations (fan girl!) this afternoon, before we train out to Zermatt tomorrow.

Pics from Geneva below.

We were so knackered I don’t think anymore than 20 words were said at dinner


by Monument Brunswick


Here’s the flag for ya




Heading up a neat little rue to the Cathedral


That’s some 200kmph power


Attempt 30 at nice photo


Attempt 65 at nice photo


Best views in town from the Cathedral hill


Leafy shade canopy, aren’t trees something incredible. And those shutters? Oh my


Cathedral spire


First stained glass of the trip!


“Delete this one of me” – Maia. “Yip” – me


Park des Bastions


Reformation Wall


Pont des Bergues


Check that water


Swiss pride


Up high


Tick tock spot the clock


Checking out the passing parade





One thought on “Swiss bliss 

  1. Wow – despite fatigue you’ve covered heaps of territory already – love your blog, Dana – You write so well. Thanks for sharing a glimpse of such an amazing trip so far


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