Saving euros one nectarine at a time 

In the past 48 hours I’ve shoplifted and arrived in Zermatt.

Oh Switzerland, I am so taken by what Maia describes as your cleanliness and organization. Everything is pristine and slick. A place so blessed with geographic marvels and sophisticated people. And it was in these lands that this Heidi became a hustler.

With our packs on and arms full at the supermarket I breezed through checkout pilfering four nectarines. I had no idea until we were outside, and after that what could I do? My limited French could not go near explaining to the till operator what had happened. I was responsible for a Genevan fruit heist. Those ripe little stone treats didn’t taste nearly as sweet after that. Forgive me for my sins?

Now armed with a picnic we trained (such fun!) to Zermatt via Visp. Zermatt is incredible. Mountainous, wondrous, ethereal. Conifers poised in all shades of green, slopes as high as the eye can see and ice blue glaciers. There’s chalets built solid and bright, pulsating grade five rivers churning grey with sediment, and air as it is meant to be – fresh, cold and clean. It’s car free with the exception of neat mini vehicles to manoevre guests through the narrow lanes. I’m just waiting for Bambi to pop out from behind a tree and then I’m convinced this is the secret garden.

Zermatt is also at the foot of the mighty Matterhorn. The sky’s prized possession, we were only lucky to catch glimpses of the chiseled peak during changing of the clouds’ guard. She’s up there in good company though with 38 4000 metre-high mountains in the immediate area.

Folks round here (mostly German speaking) definitely make the most of nature’s offerings. There’s people carrying hiking poles, walking mountain dogs, lugging skis. All headed off in their outdoor gear to trails and slopes.

And us? We’ve just corked our red wine with a knife (beggars are not choosy) in a Mt Vesuvius-esque explosion and looking forward to hitting the cobblestones for some pizza in the alps.

Here’s some snaps of our travel to, and time in, Zermatt.

Next stop, Como.

Bras and bunks
Packs on the move


Kitted up and ready (not!) to scout out Zara with me


Newbs on the Eurail


Beautiful train views


Donk says “nearly there”


Hurrah, Zermatt!


Chuffed with his Ron Zacapa and YES that foliage is all real


Pint size


Main street


Flower macro view from our pad


Val du ree


What’s Zermatter? Absolutely nothing when you’re here and in your comfiest Portugese ‘investment’ flats




Missing Jinn and seeking animals to pet



3 thoughts on “Saving euros one nectarine at a time 

  1. Hi Dana and Maia, Great to follow yet another wonderful account of your travels.
    The unfashionable John thinks you need to get an new pair of jeans Dana xx M & J


  2. Jinn has been loving Mahanga with early morning and evening walks chasing the ball but avoiding the water. In Hastings he has responded to increased socialisation with all the friendly pooches he meets at the Pakowhai Country park. Seems to have settled well. Back to Mahanga today until the weekend. We have given him plenty of affecionate pats from you.
    As for your travels – we, too, are following your very classy descriptions, Dana and I am reliving some of those tourist moments. Deb & Pai


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