Sun is shining

Hello, hello!

Since last chat, we’ve been across the seas from Santorini to Mykonos, then Paros and now Athens (where I have asked for directions to the Colosseum and Acropalypse. It has been a loooong day). But back to the start…

We were ramp loaded onto a teeming ferry in Santorini and driven off again at Mykonos. After showing a taxi driver the name of our accommodation he waved us off saying, “another island”. Huh? All-knowing Google confirmed this to be true, determining that accommodation island was an out-of-reach two hours away. We laughed till we cried (or was it cried till we laughed?) at a pub with free wifi, booking huge last minute rates at near-full Mykonos, and taking our error on the chin as one that thankfully didn’t have a domino effect.

After the shaky start, we welcomed the Mykonos winds of change. The strong flows breathed energy into waking hours and necessitated a change of budgeting tack (something about champagne and lemonade?).

We maximized our days on the beaches, sunning, swimming, and commending those who so comfortably embraced the Mykonian motto of ‘flaunt your nude God-given body’. We caught the Bob Marley swaying wooden vessel from Paradise beach to the cove of Super Paradise, then Agrari, and Elia beyond. The beaches in Mykonos are like celebrity sisters (Bündchen/Kloss/Hadid/Cruz – take your pick) – close and absolutely gorgeous. Every curve in headland revealed a coastline equally as exquisite as the previous.

It was in Mykonos that we also selected our new diet staple – the delicious and remarkably priced (2€, I know!) gyro. A twist on the regular kebab, this is cone shaped with less fillings. Gyros are a hit with the backpackers and we have joined the fan club. (As of today, Maia’s considering canceling his membership for Imodium. Maybe too good to be true?).

Something I’ve struggled with is the new WC requirements. ‘Please place toilet paper in receptacle’ was not music to my ears. Maia quickly adapted to wrapping up little paper parcels and doing his bit for the sewer systems, but I cannot remember (rather, bring myself) to do the same. Sanitary bins are fine, but lifting the lid on these pedal disposal cans is the odor equivalent of Oscar the Grouch’s verbal assaults. I guess the positive of a squat toilet is thigh toning? A strong silver lining.

Following three nights in Mykonos, we miraculously made it to Paros. This is no hyperbole, for we were directed to the ‘other’ port. Thanks to a ten minute sprint, a present but failing never-give-up attitude, the taxi driver who appeared from a genie wish, and a boat unusually delayed, we made it onboard as the last ferry passengers. It was a sweaty high five and big exhale to celebrate. Team Kiwi were still in the race.

We enjoyed our triple sleep stay on Paros, the island-time place that lets you be. It was calm and chilled, with excellent/cheap vino and many great sandy spots to choose from.

Fully relaxed, we then rocked and rolled to Athens today, arriving at our awesome hostel at 10 pm (facilities are A+ and we are right next to the Acropolis – got there in the end). I was going to hold out posting until after Athens, but the vibe of this city immediately struck me as a real contrast to the past few weeks, with a very individual story. I’ll report back in due course.

Here’s a few captured moments till then.


Mykonos – Para, para, paradise
Mykonos – overlooking the town
Mykonos – walking Elia to Agrari
Mykonos – Maia was getting the glad eye from nudey boys!
Paros – castle remnants
Paros – young(?), wild(?), and free (!!!)
Paros – let’s go to the beach, beach

One thought on “Sun is shining

  1. MAGIC!
    Will have to send this wonderful link on to Alexi – John’s nephew – he and Lisa got married on Santorini & spent time sailing around the Greek Isles for their Honeymoon


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