Provinces calling

Well hello there!  Though it seems things have turned to stone on the blog, a hive of activity has been bubbling away in the background.  Not too long since the plane landed us back from our European escapades and the time feels right to pack our knapsacks again. This time though, a more permanent adventure, by way of relocation to provincial New Zealand.

Our big OE a (vivid, incredible) memory, we’ve reveled being back in our exquisite country.  Travel’s legacy of increased self confidence and drive quickly had us aiming for our next big goal – home ownership.  Like all Kiwis, our eyes bulged at Auckland sales.  We were saving much less per year than prices were increasing.  With this at the forefront of our minds, the provinces became a very real and promising option for us.

The Bay of Plenty and Central Otago extending beyond our reach, one province in particular rose to the top.  My original visit there was aged around 14, on my first unaccompanied trip for athletics.  I loved it as a place of phenomenal sun, friendly and laid back people, and expansive land.  I felt free of spirit.  Some years later, I met Maia in Christchurch and was excited to learn he was from this gorgeous region.  We’ve since enjoyed many trips back to his hometown, a place we both love and where many of our marvelous whanau and Maia’s long standing friends reside.

In Hawke’s Bay, our home ownership dreams were possible; our lifestyle ones too.  We starting browsing, and the pull grew stronger.  Over a weekend, we viewed, nervously offered and went conditional on a home.  The next week, it went unconditional*.  Surreal developments have been happening so fast, I feel swept up in a rainbow current.  But all this sugar is not without a squeeze of lemon.

Our upcoming move means shifting away from our beautiful Auckland family and friends, and our lovely workplaces.  We’re exceptionally sad to wave farewell (for now) to my place of origin, such excellent people, and a caring environment that has nurtured and supported us.  Thank you for having us, little paradise and community of East Auckland.  Let’s remember it’s just an hour flight away!

Forward we must all go, and with piles of positivity. Light the candles for new beginnings.  We’ll bring the excitement.  Heretaunga here we come**.

*Many corks have been popped, with many more yet to be popped.

**Please visit.  I make phenomenal itineraries.


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