Easy living, every damn day

Kia ora friends,

Here we are.  Here I am.  Two weeks in.

Still feeling it’s a holiday of sorts, it hasn’t quite sunk in that this is my new permanent.  And considering this time has been largely spent at my new workplace, I’d say that’s a great sign.

Currently living at my parents-in-law, my commute to work is three minutes.  Not even long enough to sing along to Shout Out to My Ex.  Once we move in to our place, the drive will push out to 10-15 minutes along a produce and leaf lined road, with two sets of traffic lights (max!).  I can see you throwing mental daggers as you sit kissing bumpers on the Auckland motorway.

The weather has been ideal for sussing out the new ‘hood.  I’ve lazed amongst the daisies at Clearview winery (gorgeous chardonnay), put my heels on for the Mangapapa ‘Strawberry Affair’ (there’s a winter FAWC too.  I highly recommend it.), and chilled on an outdoor lounger with the warm summer breeze blowing through at Elephant Hill (again, fantastic wine, but also excellent service here).  Yes, three places all involving vino, but I’m sure you understand.

I’ve nearly got hives having more than my share of fresh strawberries, and I’m going crazy for the flavoursome tomatoes.  Te Mata Peak has yet again reasserted it’s authority – still master and commander.  I’ve found some nice new running paths, but missing my furry jogging pal.  The roses are out and the smell is divine.  I really feel that the seasons are celebrated here.  It’s beautiful to be connected to nature.  So much of life revolves around that.  Many of the schools are having their Christmas or summer fetes out amongst the trees and flowers.  I’ve never seen these numbers of kiddos biking to school, or active with their families in the weekends.  People stop and chat.  They like to help.  If you’ve got even a hint of longing to check out the provinces, I am starting to think they’re New Zealand’s best kept secret.  It’s easy living, every damn day.

And so what about the new house?  Work friends will laugh when they hear I’ve signed painting over to the professionals.  Having heard it was a ~150 hour job, Maia was eventually convinced (read: jumped at the exit opportunity) that perhaps specialised labour wasn’t such a bad idea.  The colour?  Having waxed lyrical about Wan White, I spontaneously decided at Resene that Black White (you had me at calcite grey white, chalky and soft) walls and Alabaster ceilings would be a go-er instead (thanks Blackbird).  We’re two days in to the painting now, and it’s looking fantastic.  So light and bright!  I’ll keep you updated.

In more personal news, Maia got the job that he wanted.  We’re thrilled everything is coming together.  Happy times in the Corlett-Solomon household.

I’d be silly signing off without admitting how much I miss everyone.  I really do.  I hope you’re well and happy.

Lots of love and photos,






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